Stackbit vs. Weebly: Stackbit is a powerful Weebly alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Weebly compare to one another.

With over one million sites published, Weebly is one of the most popular site builders available today. It is an easy-to-use page builder with a bunch of responsive themes, making it great for beginners. It also offers e-commerce capabilities on its free tier, making it enticing for small companies interested in selling online. Weebly sites are mobile-responsive, and advanced tiers include marketing tools such as inventory management and integrated shipping. If you currently use Weebly, you might be thinking that it's the best service around.

Sadly, Weebly starts to lose its luster if you take a deeper look. You have to use Weebly's parent company Square as your payment processor, limiting your business to Square's service area. The platform's rigid grid design stifles developer creativity, and the platform has a lot of problems for marketers working on search engine optimization (SEO). Historically, their page load speed leaves a lot to be desired as well. If you don't want to deal with these limitations any longer, the Jamstack offers some of the most powerful tools on the web. Better yet, our Stackbit platform makes Jamstack sites accessible to developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

What is the Stackbit platform?

Stackbit is the first and only complete platform for the Jamstack. It includes two major components: Stackbit Site Builder and Stackbit Studio. The Stackbit Site Builder is comparable to Weebly in that beginners can select a theme and immediately create their own unique site. However, the Jamstack has a lot more themes to choose from to make it easier for your creative juices to flow. Developers can also use their favorite headless CMS (or contact management systems), SSG (static site generator), and development tools in the Jamstack ecosystem through Stackbit Site Builder, allowing them to work with their preferred programs.

Stackbit Studio is a WYSIWYG editing tool that allows novices to update web pages without touching their source code. You aren't limited to Weebly's grid structure, allowing you to create beautiful sites that capture the essence of a company. Companies looking to build their customer base with additional features can also leverage their development teams to provide slick features that the average user could not. Keep reading to find out more about Stackbit and the Jamstack, and why they are such a powerful alternative to Weebly.

What advantages does the Jamstack offer over Weebly?

Weebly's intuitive site builder comes at the cost of functionality. You only have a handful of themes and apps to choose from, and everything has to be arranged in Weebly's pre-defined structure. In contrast, the Jamstack includes thousands of options and offers complete freedom in choosing how to place them. You can also access your site's source code and expand functionality to your specifications.

Furthermore, the price of Weebly adds up fast.. They do have a free tier, offering basic e-commerce functionality, but your site won't look very professional with a Weebly ad in the footer. You're also limited to just 500 MB of total storage. You can connect to a custom domain for six bucks a month, but you'll still see that ugly Weebly ad. The company's Professional plan lets you brand your site for $12 a month, but you're still limited to 250 MB per file. You need to upgrade to Weebly's Performance plan if you want the marketing tools mentioned above, which is $26 per month. You have to pay for support separately from any of these plans, and you'll be charged extra per month if you don't sign a year-long contract. 

If you're a marketer who's serious about SEO rankings, using Weebly is a bad idea. For example, title tags are limited to H2 headings unless you find a workaround. Product descriptions have mandatory strings of text in their URLs that can hurt SEO performance. You also have to use the platform's limited ability to edit HTML code if you wish to incorporate rich snippets into your site. In contrast, Stackbit allows developers to access code at any time, and you will always own the guts of your site.

I've heard that the Jamstack is difficult to use. How does Stackbit address that?

The Jamstack works by splicing together a headless CMS, SSG, and other tools into a single cohesive whole. There is a learning curve for professional developers and it’s virtually impossible for those without web development experience, leading to the reputation that Jamstack sites have today. Stackbit addresses this issue by allowing users to use one platform with an intuitive interface for site creation and editing.

You don't need any tech experience to manage content on the Stackbit Studio, allowing developers to trust employees or even clients with that task and focus their efforts elsewhere. Likewise, the Stackbit Site Builder offers helpful guidelines to help beginners create a web site while getting out of a more experienced developer's way.

Jamstack sites are rendered by your SSG (static site generator) in seconds with content from your headless CMS of choice, and stored as whole pages on CDNs, leaving few points of entry for hackers. If you want a secure website that clients and customers alike will be comfortable using, you can't do any better. Here are a few of the other great features that the Jamstack offers:

  • Ability to share pages before publication
  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage.
  • Advanced collaborative tools
  • Increased speed
  • Increased scalability
  • Built-in mobile responsiveness
  • Live previews of site edits
  • Brand-agnostic (you're never limited to proprietary tools and services)

The Bottom Line: Stackbit vs. Weebly

Weebly is a decent way to get your first site up and running, but even smaller companies may find that they outgrow it pretty quickly. The Jamstack offers a robust suite of features that ensure your site can grow with your company, and Stackbit ensures that you can make the most of every tool. Try it today and do your part to make the web, better.