Stackbit vs. Squarespace: Stackbit is a powerful Squarespace alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Squarespace compare to one another.

Squarespace is one of the most popular page builders available, and it's easy to see why. Users can choose a theme to create their website and make changes in a point-and-click editor, meaning that you don't need to know how to code to create your own site. Squarespace also provides marketing and e-commerce tools to help small businesses work on their online sales. Nearly 2.5 million Squarespace sites are on the web today, and other builders are frequently compared against it.

Squarespace is certainly popular, but that doesn't mean it's the best. Squarespace themes are inflexible, limiting your ability to design whatever you want. They also don't fare well on page speed tests, especially on mobile devices. Finally, the costs associated with using Squarespace can add up quickly. If you want to design stunning websites without the limitations of Squarespace, a Jamstack site managed by Stackbit could be the perfect solution for you.

Who is Stackbit intended for?

Stackbit is the first complete platform for the Jamstack, making some of the web's most powerful development tools more accessible than they have ever been before. We created Stackbit with two audiences in mind: individuals who would like to manage Jamstack sites without relying on outside help and developers looking for unlimited creativity.

If you aren't a computer programmer, Stackbit Site Builder allows you to select a theme and customize it to create a unique, modern-looking website. Honestly, it's quite similar to Squarespace's page builder. You can then edit your site using a WYSIWYG editing tool named Stackbit Studio that offers a more intuitive interface than Squarespace. In short, you won't need to hire a developer to make you a website or perform basic maintenance.

Developers can also make great use of Stackbit. You can import your own theme into Stackbit Site Builder. You can also use your preferred development tools, as Stackbit is not a walled garden. Perhaps most importantly, you can create slick features outside of Stackbit Studio to put on sites and give your clients a reason to keep coming back for more. Please continue reading to learn more about the power of the Jamstack.

What makes Jamstack sites such a great alternative to Squarespace sites?

Squarespace sites lack flexibility because most of their themes only offer so many customization options. Therefore, they all tend to look the same. Their themes can also be slow to load on mobile devices, potentially hurting your SEO rankings and driving potential customers away. Choosing a Jamstack site can help your or your client's company stand out in a crowded digital landscape because you won't be constrained by Squarespace's limitations. Stackbit’s pre-vetted Jamstack themes also offer built-in mobile responsiveness, so you don't have to worry about losing potential traffic.

Squarespace also has a clunky user interface that makes the learning curve steeper than it should be. For example, you are prompted to manually save your work every time you change something, and all changes are published immediately after saving. You could end up with a broken-looking site if you try to save your work midway through a major update. In contrast, Stackbit makes it easy to update your site and publish changes when you are ready.

The costs associated with Squarespace can add up quickly as well. Their cheapest plan is called “Personal” and costs $16 per month. It limits you to two contributors. You can upgrade to the Business plan for $26 a month to get unlimited contributors and basic e-commerce features, but you'll be charged a 3 percent transaction fee on all of your sales. If you don't want to pay that fee, you'll have to upgrade to the Basic Commerce plan for $30 per month. If you want the best SEO and marketing tools Squarespace has to offer, you'll need the Advanced Commerce plan for $46 per month. There are also additional fees for credit card processing, domain registration, and more. 

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites more accessible?

Jamstack sites consist of multiple building blocks, including a headless CMS (or content management system), static site generator (SSG), and additional tools for hosting, versioning, and more. They are pre-rendered, meaning that users can load your entire site at once as opposed to waiting for individual elements piecemeal. The structure also limits how hackers can access your site for a security boost. Unfortunately, it is time-consuming and potentially challenging for developers to manually put the pieces together, making Jamstack sites harder to create.

Stackbit solves this problem by attaching an intuitive interface to the Jamstack. Stackbit Site Builder and Studio allow anyone to create and update their site without touching code and risking a damaging mistake. Developers can also entrust day-to-day content management to their clients or less technical team members, allowing them to focus on projects that demand their expertise. Here are a few of the other great features that Stackbit brings to the table:

  • Front-end modular editing
  • The ability to access your site’s source code to expand its functionality
  • Collaboration tools
  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage
  • Development tools
  • Live previews of site changes
  • Ability to share unpublished pages with your team

Stackbit or Squarespace: Which Is Superior?

Squarespace is fine if you want a site that has the same design and capabilities as everybody else, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you want more. Jamstack sites managed by Stackbit are every bit as powerful, just as beautiful, and equally easy to use. Try Stackbit today and make the web, better.