Stackbit vs. Sitefinity: Stackbit is a powerful Sitefinity alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Sitefinity compare to one another.

Progress Sitefinity is a CMS (or Content Management System) of choice for developers at corporate companies because it includes most of what they need. It is user-friendly, adaptable, and feature-rich, giving developers all of the tools they need to create a stunning website. It also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services such as Azure and Sharepoint, removing a common workplace obstacle. Most importantly, sites developed using Progress Sitefinity have great uptime so your clients are always open for business. It's no wonder that Sitefinity has published more than 1.2 million websites and counting.

That said, Sitefinity can eat into a company's bottom line. Developers proficient in both the front and back ends of the platform are scarce, and you can expect to pay a lot if you can find one. You also need to contact Progress's sales team for pricing information, meaning that you have to endure a sales pitch and cycle. If you want a powerful site that won't hurt profitability, the Jamstack offers many of the same tools for a fraction of the price. The biggest complaint about the Jamstack is that it's difficult to use, but that's no longer true. Thankfully, we have created the Stackbit visual editor to make the advanced tools of the Jamstack more accessible to everyone: Marketers, developers, content creators, and agencies.

Who is Stackbit intended for?

Stackbit is the visual website editor for real businesses. If you're a developer, we make it easy to add Stackbit to your existing website and integrate with your stack, updating your tools behind the scenes while the website is edited. Link in your favorite CMS, Static Site Generator (or SSG), and development tools so that you can create whatever you like. Stackbit also recognizes your website’s content model and helps you complete a content schema that will provide the right access to editors of your Jamstack site. 

If you're an entrepreneur or marketer without coding experience, Stackbit's Site Builder allows you to choose from a variety of themes (and the ability to import your own) to quickly get a functional website up and running. In addition to that, Stackbit is a WYSIWYG editing tool that makes it easy to update your site once it's live. You won't need to go running to a developer every time you're interested in changing something.

You might be weary that Stackbit would be a detriment if your agency wants to maintain its customer base, but certain advanced features still require web development expertise to implement. Please continue reading if you would like to learn more about all of the advantages the Jamstack and Stackbit have to offer.

Why should I choose a Jamstack site over Progress Sitefinity?

Progress Sitefinity offers a variety of great tools, including drag-and-drop functionality to make edits a breeze, and separate staging and live sites so you can make changes without pulling your site down. We believe that all of these are important, and the Jamstack provides them as well. Stackbit allows non-tech teams to effectively manage content. You can see live previews of any changes before they go live.

The biggest difference is the price. Sitefinity is generally used by professional developers at corporate companies with huge marketing budgets, so Progress and Sitefinity developers can charge a lot for their services. Worst of all, you have to contact Progress directly to get any sense of what the individual costs you’ll face for customizations, and those can add up quickly. In contrast, Stackbit offers a free service intended to help developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs access the same tools as their larger competitors.

Sitefinity also excludes any kind of support from their packages, so you are solely responsible for all technical maintenance and upkeep. This can be problematic because dated Sitefinity systems are easy targets for hackers. You also need to restart most of your applications to install important updates. Jamstack sites are stored safely on your headless CMS and rendered as a cohesive whole by your SSG, making them much more secure by comparison. 

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites more user-friendly?

Jamstack sites are a conglomeration of multiple components, and trying to glue them together into a functional whole can be difficult even for professional web developers. Stackbit gives users an intuitive interface that can be used to edit and create Jamstack sites without any prior web development knowledge.

Our Stackbit Studio is a WYSIWYG editing tool that allows novices and non-tech teams to manage content, allowing developers to concentrate on creating new sites and business owners to focus on their strengths. The Stackbit Site Builder makes recommendations to help new users identify which features they need for their site. Experienced developers can bring their preferred CMS, SSG, and development tools into the Jamstack ecosystem through our Site Builder, and you will always own your site's source code.

Stackbit is also brand-agnostic. We think our themes and starters are great, but third-party alternatives are also supported if you would prefer them. We also don't force any of our proprietary services on you, a claim that Progress Sitefinity can't make. For instance, most Sitefinity packages include Sitefinity Insight: an analytics tool designed to help business owners capture more web traffic and convert more visitors into paying customers. It's a good service, but many developers are more comfortable using other tools. Stackbit allows you to integrate virtually any analytics tool you want as opposed to forcing you to use something specific.

Here are some of the other great features Stackbit brings to the table:

  • Front-end modular editing
  • Live previews of site changes
  • Collaborative tools
  • Built-in mobile responsiveness
  • Developmental tools
  • Ability to share unpublished pages

And The Winner Is...

Progress Sitefinity is a good option, but it can get expensive and may open the door to unwanted hackers. The Jamstack offers many of the same powerful features without the corresponding drawbacks, making it a clearly superior option for developers interested in hassle-free site deliveries to clients, marketers looking to stand out, and entrepreneurs who want to manage their own online presence. Stackbit is the best way to work with the Jamstack, so try it today and make the web, better.