Stackbit vs. SiteBuilder: Stackbit is a powerful SiteBuilder alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and SiteBuilder compare to one another.

SiteBuilder offers an intuitive page builder with a strong selection of widgets, allowing individuals with no programming experience to quickly set up a website. Hosting and a professional domain name are included in every package, making SiteBuilder a relatively inexpensive option as well. You can also take advantage of services such as built-in marketing tools. All told, approximately 212,000 active websites were created with SiteBuilder.

Unfortunately, SiteBuilder is only capable of creating basic websites. Its widgets generally do not match the quality of competitors, SiteBuilder sites are notoriously difficult to scale, and its technical support leaves a lot to be desired. If you're looking for an easy page builder that can make top-notch websites, look no further than Stackbit and the Jamstack. Jamstack sites are among the most powerful on the web, and Stackbit makes them more accessible than ever before.

What is the Stackbit platform?

Stackbit is the first complete platform for the Jamstack. Jamstack sites are created by combining multiple building blocks, including a headless CMS (content management system) to store your site, an SSG (static site generator) to render your site to users, and additional tools to help with versioning, hosting, and the like. It has traditionally been challenging for developers to manually piece Jamstack sites together, meaning that only those with technological expertise could use one.

Stackbit provides an intuitive interface to create and edit Jamstack sites so you don't have to know how to code to get a great website. Stackbit Site Builder allows novices to select themes to start their site and customize them to their liking. Once your site is live, you can use Stackbit Studio (a WYSIWYG editing tool) to make necessary changes and updates without typing a single line of code. The result is just as easy as SiteBuilder.

Developers often find services like SiteBuilder too restrictive, but Stackbit offers powerful functionality for you as well. It's a brand-agnostic platform, meaning that you can use your favorite development tools and services instead of relying on anything proprietary. You can also create advanced features that other users could not, allowing you or your clients to stand out against the competition. Please keep reading to find out more about everything Jamstack sites managed by Stackbit are capable of.

What advantages make the Jamstack a great Sitebuilder alternative?

Creating a basic site with SiteBuilder is easy, but it becomes impossible if you want anything more than a basic site. The template you start with locks you into a set design. You can move some elements within the permitted boundaries, but you don't have anything close to complete freedom. Worse, there is no way to change your template once you've selected one. You are likely to discover that your site's design doesn't work for you after locking yourself into it. In contrast, Jamstack sites offer complete developmental freedom. You choose a theme to get started, but you can change any element of it at will.

The cheapest SiteBuilder plans limit you to 50 MB of storage, a number that even basic sites can quickly surpass. Similarly, you cannot add videos to SiteBuilder sites except by linking to YouTube or Vimeo, and musical links are limited to SoundCloud. Jamstack sites don't have the same limitations. You can get as much storage as you need and post music and videos that aren't on other platforms.

While most of SiteBuilder's features don't measure up to others, they charge comparable prices for them. Their Pro package starts at $4 per month for a two-year term, but more than triples to $13 per month after that. Their Premium package starts at $4.80 per month for a two-year term but automatically renews at $15.75 when your promotional period expires. The only added benefit vs. the Pro package is priority support, which isn't much help when the support team largely quotes the FAQ page everybody can access. The e-Commerce package adds basic e-commerce tools to your site for $7.20 per month, but again your renewal rate is significantly higher at $23.50 monthly. All of these prices are higher if you refuse to sign the two-year contract, and early termination fees apply if you want out.

How can Stackbit make Jamstack sites more accessible?

Stackbit makes Jamstack sites more user-friendly for everybody. If you're a business owner who wants to manage your site without relying on outside support, Stackbit can help you do that. If you're a developer who would rather work on fresh projects than manage a client's day-to-day operations, Stackbit Studio is simple enough to outsource content updates to your team.

The structure of Jamstack sites also improves their performance. Since your entire site is stored and rendered as a single entity, you get faster load times. Hackers also have fewer points of entry to compromise your or your customers' information. Most importantly, Stackbit makes Jamstack sites scalable so that your site always meets your needs. SiteBuilder sites do not offer the same scalability, forcing you to graduate to a completely-different page builder when you get too big.

Stackbit also provides several features to make it easier to customize your site. You can access its underlying code at any time, allowing you to expand functionality as needed. SiteBuilder has “protections” in place that actively prevent you from doing so. With Stackbit, you can also take advantage of the following features:

  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage.
  • Live previews of site edits
  • Built-in mobile responsiveness
  • Collaborative tools
  • Developer tools
  • Front-end modular editing

Final Verdict

SiteBuilder is fine if you don't particularly care about your website's performance, but it isn't suited for serious applications. For that, we recommend a Jamstack site managed by Stackbit to bring some of the web's most powerful development tools to your fingertips. Try it today and make the web, better.