Stackbit vs. MyWebsite: Stackbit is a powerful MyWebsite alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and MyWebsite compare to one another.

MyWebsite from IONOS by 1&1 is a popular page-builder used to create approximately 236,000 active websites. It is an easy-to-use page-builder with a focus on industry, providing a variety of mobile-friendly templates designed for businesses in specific fields. MyWebsite sites are also common for bloggers looking for features such as search and comment moderation.

Unfortunately, many of MyWebsite's greatest strengths are also its weaknesses. Its industry-specific templates have been used often enough to get flagged by search engines as duplicate content, meaning you might not be found on the search engines. Furthermore, its ease of use can restrict a developer's ability to create something truly great. If you want something more powerful than MyWebsite can provide, a Jamstack site managed by Stackbit could be the right fit for you.

What is the Stackbit platform?

Jamstack sites have always offered premium performance, but were too complicated for those lacking web development experience. We created Stackbit to provide a user-friendly interface to all of the Jamstack's web development tools, making them more accessible than ever before. The Stackbit Site Builder allows novices to select a theme and customize their site without writing any HTML code. When you're finished, Stackbit Studio is a great WYSIWYG editing tool that enables you to make updates just as easily. If you were looking at MyWebsite because it's easy, Stackbit is equally so.

Stackbit can also help developers make better Jamstack sites. It's a brand-agnostic product, allowing devs to bring their favorite development tools rather than forcing them to use something proprietary. It's the best of both worlds: day-to-day content management is simple enough to leave to your clients or less-experienced team members, while you can keep your clients around as your dev team adds features to their sites. Please keep reading to discover more about how easy Stackbit can make Jamstack site management.

What makes the Jamstack a great MyWebsite alternative?

The MyWebsite page-builder is intuitive for new users because you can select a template that guides you through the entire process. Each template has “sections” to prevent novices from overloading their page with too many design elements. Unfortunately, they simply made it so that you can't transfer elements from one section to another, stifling the creativity of developers trying to make something great. There's also no way to change your template once you pick one, meaning you're stuck with whatever arbitrary layout you end up with. In comparison, Jamstack sites offer complete freedom. Beginners can still choose a theme to help them get started, but you're not locked into anything.

Many MyWebsite templates include text out of the box, and so many sites just leave it there that search engines dock them for posting duplicate content (or material previously published on the web), so you’ll need to be careful to make sure you rewrite everything.

MyWebsite is also a paid service that you'll need to budget for each month. Their Creator plan costs $5 per month and includes a domain, email address, and SSL. Creator Plus will run you $15 per month and includes SEO and email marketing tools. The Online Store package adds e-commerce functionality for up to 5,000 products for $20 per month. Online Store Advanced ups your catalog to 10,000 products and provides social media integration for $30 per month, while Online Store Expert gives you up to 1,000,000 products and the ability to sell on Amazon and eBay for $45 per month. You can also pay a fee to have MyWebsite design your page for you. Jamstack sites can offer the same functionality without the monthly expenditure, making it a better option for any site owner concerned with profitability.

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites easier to manage?

Jamstack sites are created by combining several distinct building blocks into a single cohesive whole. Two of the most important components are your headless CMS (content management system where your site is put together) and your SSG (static site generator responsible for rendering your site to users). This structure improves performance because your SSG can load an entire site instead of individual pieces, reducing how long it takes. It also leaves hackers with minimal access to your site. Unfortunately, creating Jamstack sites can be challenging for developers who need to manually put the pieces together.

Stackbit streamlines this process by providing a single platform for both site creation and maintenance. Business owners can update their sites without coding anything, mimicking one of the biggest selling points of MyWebsite. However, developers can access their site's code to create custom themes or expand functionality as they see fit. You will always own your site's code and can do whatever you wish with it.

Stackbit also offers convenient features to help you manage your site. For instance, you can look at a preview of what your site will look like after an update before it goes live, allowing you to make adjustments if needed. You can even share unpublished pages with your team to foster a collaborative working environment. Stackbit also provides the following features:

  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage.
  • Front-end modular editing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Developer tools
  • Built-in mobile responsiveness

Once you try Stackbit, we're confident you won't want to make a website any other way.

Parting Thoughts: Jamstack and Stackbit vs. MyWebsite by 1&1

MyWebsite isn't a terrible page-builder, but it takes shortcuts to provide ease-of-use that limit a developer's possibilities. Jamstack sites offer endless possibilities, and Stackbit allows nearly anyone to create and maintain them. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. Give it a shot today and discover how you can help make the web, better.