Stackbit vs. Joomla!: Stackbit is a powerful Joomla! alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Joomla! compare to one another.

Joomla! is a classic example of a true content management system. In fact, Joomla! was one of the first. Today, there are about 2.5 million sites on the web that are powered by Joomla! — but fewer each year. One of the reasons why Joomla! is struggling is its sheer complexity. While the flexibility provided by a CMS like Joomla! can be very appealing to web developers and business owners, the number of choices required to build and maintain a Joomla!-based site can be mind-boggling for those with less experience on the back end. 

Jamstack sites offer better speed and security but like Joomla! sites, they do present a steeper learning curve. Meet Stackbit: a platform that provides ease of use for clients along with endless opportunities for developers to create unique solutions and customize every page. In this post, we’ll give you a few examples of Jamstack sites’ many advantages over Joomla!.

What is Stackbit and who’s it for? 

Stackbit is the only complete platform for the Jamstack, and we help you get started right out of the box. Whether you’re a developer interested in diving deep into the source code to create unique components for clients’ sites or you’re a web design novice looking for a simple, secure way to update your business’s content marketing, we can help. 

Jamstack sites are built with separate components, including a headless CMS, deployment tools, and a static site generator. If you’re a web development professional, Stackbit’s Site Builder lets you connect the most popular tools — we’re not a walled garden, and we respect your hustle. However, these decisions can be confusing to those less familiar with web architecture. We designed the Stackbit platform to address all user types, from developers seeking unlimited creativity to clients who need an easy way to edit and add to their Jamstack site. Let’s talk about how Stackbit can help you leverage the benefits of Jamstack sites.

Should I move my Joomla! site to Jamstack?

 Jamstack sites built with Stackbit give developers several choices, so you’re not locked into any particular element. You can work with the headless CMS, SSG, and deployment tools you’re comfortable using, but no experience with web architecture is necessary. If you’re an experienced developer, the Stackbit platform aspires to be completely brand-agnostic, so you can use the tools of your choice to create a modern development workflow. You’re not limited to proprietary plugins or templates either. Like Joomla! and other open-source platforms, Jamstack gives you access to the source code, giving you the freedom to extend functionality to your specifications. Plus, Jamstack sites provide you with increased speed, security, and scalability too. Your static page is stored on a CDN, ready to deliver to the user without having to build on-demand. For more detailed information on the inner workings of the Jamstack and Stackbit, take a look at the Stackbit documentation.

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites user-friendly for anyone?

Stackbit cuts the learning curve of the Jamstack. The creation of Jamstack sites typically requires a baseline level of technical knowledge, so it’s not always the first choice of developers (or business owners who are maintaining their sites themselves). Stackbit offers a free Site Builder that allows developers to link up their preferred tools and can also guide those with less experience in selecting the right components for their purposes. If you’re just getting started, there are a wide variety of themes to choose from and modify to your liking. You can also import your own, and no matter what, you always own your source code. You can create your own secure custom plugins that do exactly what you want. And with Stackbit, you can access a wealth of features that are useful for clients, designers, agency account liaisons, and more, like:

  • The ability to share unpublished pages
  • Live previews of site edits 
  • Collaborative and developer tools
  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage.
  • Built-in mobile responsiveness
  • And Stackbit Studio, a user-friendly, WYSIWYG editing tool

We know that maintaining a Jamstack site using a headless CMS can be a complex process without an easy-to-use editing tool, particularly for those with no experience in web development. Joomla!’s clunky, overly complex interface makes it possible for a client to unintentionally take the site down, so Stackbit Studio takes coding out of the question. Stackbit Studio is a WYSIWYG editing tool for Jamstack sites, and it gives clients and stakeholders a user-friendly front-end modular editing tool. Managing your web development with Stackbit frees up your developer’s time by making it easy to pass off everyday content management and Jamstack site editing to another agency employee or a client. 

Jamstack sites built with Stackbit are more marketing-friendly than Joomla!

When you use the Stackbit platform to manage your Jamstack sites, you virtually eliminate the steep learning curve required by Joomla!. Choosing Jamstack means your sites are faster and more secure, and developers can still offer custom plugins. Instead of Joomla!’s overwhelming, complex back end, users can enjoy the user-friendly interface of Stackbit’s Studio and Site Builder. At Stackbit, we make creating and editing a Jamstack site accessible to anyone, no matter how tech-savvy you are. Get started with Jamstack using Stackbit and experience how easy it is to make the web, better.