Stackbit vs. CM4All: Stackbit is a powerful CM4All alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and CM4All compare to one another.

CM4All Website Creator is an easy to use page builder created by FatCow, a German company primarily known for their hosting services. It allows users to quickly create a website even if they lack coding expertise by choosing a template and using a drag-and-drop interface to make edits. The company also offers additional services such as SEO tools and live statistics.

Unfortunately, CM4All hasn't updated its Website Creator in a while, so you're looking at an extremely outdated interface. It doesn't support all modern internet browsers, and there is no dedicated support team to contact if you have questions. Jamstack sites offer more functionality than their CM4All counterparts but have traditionally been more difficult to set up. That has changed with Stackbit, the world's first complete platform for the Jamstack.

What is Stackbit and who should use it?

Stackbit is simply an intuitive platform designed to make Jamstack sites more accessible to the masses. If you are interested in CM4All Website Creator because you need a website but don't have any development experience, Stackbit Site Builder allows you to choose a theme and customize it into something truly unique. Once you're up and running, you can use a WYSIWYG editing tool called Stackbit Studio to edit your site without writing a single line of code. It's just as easy as CM4All Website Builder, and the final result is better.

Stackbit also provides great tools for developers to play with. Stackbit is not a walled garden, so you can use your preferred headless content management system (or CMS) and static site generator (SSG) to create your site. You can also design a custom theme to jump-start your vision, or import an existing theme from elsewhere on the web. Professional developers can also design slick features for Jamstack sites that Stackbit Studio cannot, allowing you to build your customer base by offering improved functionality. Please continue reading to find out more about what Stackbit and the Jamstack can bring to the table.

What advantages can Jamstack sites offer over competitors created on CM4All Website Creator?

CM4All Website Creator provides templates to help users design a website that suits their industry. For example, a restaurant site needs to display a menu and accept reservations, while an online marketplace needs e-commerce capabilities. Unfortunately, the templates available are extremely outdated, potentially turning away visitors who were expecting something more modern. Search engines don't care for their designs either, making it difficult to achieve strong SEO. In contrast, the themes available in Stackbit Site Builder look great on all devices. Jamstack sites are mobile-responsive by default, while CM4All sites have a hard time on phones and other devices that require responsiveness. There is no comparison in terms of options.

CM4All is also a paid service, forcing you to ask if you're getting enough value for your money. Their Limited Edition plan is free with the purchase of a hosting plan (about $50 per year), but has a hard cap of nine pages for your site. You will quickly discover that your site needs a lot more than nine pages to do everything you want it to. You can upgrade to an unlimited number of pages with the Premium Edition for $8.33 per month, but you still don't get e-commerce capabilities. For them, you'll need to upgrade to the e-Commerce Edition for $14.95 per month. Stackbit and the Jamstack won't impose an arbitrary limit on the number of pages you can create.

While CM4All Website Builder allows you to edit your site's template to a degree, the underlying code belongs to FatCow. The Jamstack allows developers to access their site's code whenever they wish, expanding functionality beyond what their initial theme provides. You also own your site's code and can do whatever you want with it.

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites more user-friendly?

Jamstack sites are created by stitching several building blocks together, including a headless CMS, SSG, and additional tools for hosting, versioning, and more. This structure allows your site to be stored and loaded as a cohesive whole, improving its performance. It also provides added security because hackers cannot access individual components of your site. The downside is that it can be challenging for developers to manually put the pieces together, making Jamstack sites difficult to build.

Stackbit changes the equation by providing an intuitive interface that anybody can use to create and manage a Jamstack site. If you're a business owner who wants to manage their site without paying for outside help, Stackbit Site Builder and Stackbit Studio facilitate that. Developers can also trust other team members or clients to handle day-to-day content management, allowing them to focus on new projects.

Stackbit even supports several handy features to make updating your site easier. For instance:

  • Ability to share unpublished pages
  • Front-end modular editing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Developer tools
  • Live previews of edits

CM4All Website Creator does not offer comparable tools, making it harder to work with in comparison. 

Which Is Better: Stackbit and the Jamstack or CM4All Website Creator?

CM4All Website Creator is fast and relatively cheap, but its templates aren't up to par. Stackbit makes Jamstack sites just as easy to create, and they are better able to compete in the modern internet landscape. Try a Jamstack site managed by Stackbit today and experience for yourself what it means to make the web, better.