Stackbit vs. Bitrix24: Stackbit is a powerful Bitrix24 alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Bitrix24 compare to one another.

Bitrix24 is best described as a competitor to Microsoft Sharepoint. It bundles a variety of features into one service, including a website builder, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, internal project management dashboards, real-time video chat, group calendars, an intranet social network, document management, workload management, and e-commerce capabilities. Its website builder offers a variety of responsive templates, and users don't need to write any code to create a page.

Like many other all-in-one solutions, however, Bitrix24 isn't the best at any of its many features. The software is difficult to install and has a cluttered user interface that isn't worth navigating if you just want to make a website. The Jamstack offers more powerful development capabilities, and Stackbit makes them accessible to both developers and clients interested in managing their sites.

What is Stackbit and who is it intended for?

Stackbit is the first and only complete platform for the Jamstack. If you are interested in Bitrix24 because it can create a website without any coding, the Stackbit Site Builder can do the same thing. You get a variety of themes to choose from, and each can be customized however you like. Once you're finished, you can make any necessary changes via the Stackbit Studio: a WYSIWYG editing tool accessible to anyone.

Stackbit also allows developers to use their preferred development tools to create dynamic websites that blend performance and security. You can import an existing site to the Jamstack infrastructure or create a custom theme to get started. Stackbit is also of value to developers because you can access source code and create slick features that the average user could not. If you would like to learn more about why Jamstack sites managed by Stackbit are making the web, better; please continue reading.

What makes the Jamstack a great Bitrix24 alternative?

Bitrix24 tries to do a lot of different things. You can't install just the page-builder, meaning that you'll probably end up with a ton of programs you never use clogging your server. You also have to find the page-builder on a disorganized list of capabilities to use it. If you were hoping to create some sort of online store, you should know that Bitrix24's e-commerce capabilities are currently in beta testing and are subject to change without notice. In contrast, the Stackbit Site Editor and Studio provide clean, user-friendly interfaces for people who just want to create and manage a great website. All features are fully-developed, so you don't have to worry about anything changing on you.

Bitrix24 also charges users for all of the services it provides even if you don't need them. There is a free option, but it limits you to 5 GB of storage and forces Bitrix24 branding throughout your site. The Start+ plan gives you 10 GB of storage and up to 10 websites for $24 per month. Both the CRM+ and Project+ packages cost $69 per month and provide specialized customer relationship management and project management tools, respectively. Neither is any better for page-building than the Start+ plan. The Standard plan will run you $99 per month and gives you 100 GB of storage. Finally, the Bitrix24 Professional plan costs $199 per month and gets you unlimited websites and up to 1GB of storage. 

Bitrix24 wants to be everything for everyone and runs into the classic problem of not being the best at anything as a result. We created Stackbit because we believe that the Jamstack offers some of the best web development tools available, and we wanted to put them in the hands of more people. 

How does Stackbit make the power of the Jamstack more accessible?

Jamstack sites are made of three primary components: a headless CMS (or content management system), an SSG (or static site generator), and deployment tools for versioning, hosting, and the like. This structure ensures that your full site is always ready to be delivered to a user, keeping loading times down. It also leaves hackers with minimal access to sensitive information, improving site security. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for developers to stitch these building blocks together into a cohesive whole.

Stackbit exists to make that process easier. You don't need any programming experience to create websites on Stackbit Site Builder or update them in Stackbit Studio, making Jamstack sites more accessible than ever before. Developers can also outsource content management responsibilities to other people, allowing them to concentrate on more technical jobs.

Stackbit provides a host of additional features as well. Here are a few of them:

  • Ability to share unpublished pages
  • Live previews of site changes
  • Automatic mobile responsiveness
  • Front-end modular editing
  • Developer tools
  • Collaborative tools
  • And so much more

Parting Thoughts on the Jamstack vs. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 could be the right option for you if you need all of the services it bundles together, but most people don't. Instead, they're left with confusing programs that they don't know how to use or particularly want to use. If you want a great page-builder that meets the needs of web developers and clients alike, look no further than a Jamstack site managed by Stackbit. Try it once and you won't want to build any other way.