About Stackbit

On a mission to make the web, better.

Building the Modern Web

The way we create and engineer websites is changing thanks to the constant evolution of tools, best practices and needs. They're being statically generated, served from CDNs, edited using Headless CMS and wired up with a myriad of developer workflows.

New ideas like the Jamstack, serverless computing and git-based workflows are creating a more performant and secure web. We believe these performance and security benefits don't need to require tradeoffs in the ease of editing and managing sites. At Stackbit, we're building the tools that make managing modern websites easy, so we can all make the web, better.

Meet the Team

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Robert AustinSoftware Engineer
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Sean C DavisDeveloper Experience Engineer
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Dan BarakCo-Founder & COO
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David BerlinSoftware Engineer
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Artem DenysovSoftware Engineer
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Neta DumaiHead of Marketing
Ohad Eder-Pressman's avatar
Ohad Eder-PressmanCo-Founder & CEO
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Rodik HanukaevSoftware Engineer
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Simon HanukaevCo-Founder & CTO
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Kristin JunkOperations and HR Manager
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Ryland KingBusiness Development
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Roman LygaQA Engineer
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Natasha MaksimovaData Analyst
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Vanessa RamosProduct Manager
Tomas Bankauskas's avatar
Tomas BankauskasDesigner & Theme Developer
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Vitaliy RibachenkoSoftware Engineer
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Assaf ShalevDesigner
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Ramon SnirSoftware Engineer
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Youval VakninEngineering Manager
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YouJoin the Team

Join our Team

We are a lean team of explorers, builders, scientists and just plain curious folks who live and breathe the Jamstack.

We decided to tackle the massive challenge of orchestrating an ever-growing set of tools that need to play nicely together, and we keep this in mind with every project we decide to take on.

At Stackbit, you will have the prerogative to make things happen, along with empowerment to determine what these "things" are. You will be part of a flat, fully distributed organization, with an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit and relentless motivation to move the needle where it counts.

We help each other, uplift each other, and rely on each other's feedback and expertise to inform our choices and help us make the web, better.

Our Investors

Zeev Ventures

Select Angels

Sascha Konietzke
Sascha KonietzkeCo-Founder & CEO at Contentful
Paolo Negri
Paolo NegriCo-Founder & CTO at Contentful
Roy Rubin
Roy RubinCo-Founder and former CEO of Magento
Dylan Field
Dylan FieldCo-Founder & CEO at Figma
Matt Biilmann
Matt BiilmannCo-Founder & CEO at Netlify
Chris Bach
Chris BachCo-Founder & President at Netlify
Ran Makavy
Ran MakavyEVP and Chief Product Officer at Lyft

What People are Saying

Jonny Goodwin@Jonny_Goodwin

@stackbit allows you to easily deploy a static site backed with a CMS. Amazing service.

Mike Stopford@MikeStopford1

If setting up and deploying a #JAMStack website feels like a lot of work, check out @stackbit. 5 minutes and you’re good to go. Thanks to @syntaxfm for that knowledge.

Abigail Rumsey@Abbie2020

👩‍💻Tbh, creating, hosting and deploying a React website is quite daunting when you're fairly new to the #JamStack. Then I stumbled across @stackbit and I've got the beginnings of a site ready to go in 5 minutes!

Derek Gilbert@DerekAGilbert

Using @stackbit for the first time after getting into the beta. This is a game changer everyone. #JamStack