A new breed
of site builder.

One that unifies world-class visual editing with

an open, modern developer experience.


Built with youĀ  inĀ  mindĀ 

Most site builders are optimized for one type of user. We shouldn't need to choose a platform based on whether we identify as developers, designers, marketers, no-coders, or low-coders.

People building websites have come to expect a pleasing and intuitive visual editing experience, as evidenced by the success of Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and others. At the same time, the success of patterns and tools like Jamstack, React, Next.js, and Tailwind have shown us that people developing websites demand a smooth developer experience.

Instead of working on another site builder for a narrow segment of users, we realized the opportunity to create an unparalleled experience for developers and non-developers building great websites together.

The team.

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Visually Unlimited.

Our world-class visual editing experience is fast, intuitive, and powerful. WYSIWYG in-place editing, reusable components, layouts, variations, styling, media, and more. Everything you've come to expect from a modern visual site builder. Move fast without developer help or having to worry about breaking anything.

Visual Editing

Your Site. Your Code.

A Stackbit website is a git repo that you own. Every code commit is instantly reflected in the visual editor and since every visual edit is a git commit, git workflows and collaboration just work.

Site Development.

We offer starter templates based on Next.js (framework), Tailwind (styling), Markdown (structured content), and our own open-source component library and design systems. Launch your website now with the freedom to modify the code however you'd like.Tailwind and Next.js Logos

Take it for a spin.

It takes one minute to create a live site. Another five and you'll be in love.

The missing bits

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