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Unblock your team
and drive impact with your website

Stackbit works with any tech stack to retain developers’ full control over code, and provides a custom site-building experience for your marketing and design teams.

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Stop wasting time on chores, focus on  innovation

Use any tech stack and content source with just one config file: no extra dependencies and lock-ins. Enable your team to work efficiently while you focus on writing code, not doing chores.

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Friendly editing
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Unblock marketers to rapidly ship pages and edit content without the fear of breaking the site

Marketers drive more impact with rapid page creation without being blocked by engineering or design. Work with a live preview when making edits to your CMS, or simply edit visually.

Unblock marketers

Guarded headless design system, so you're always consistent, and nothing slows you down

Bring your design from your choice of design tool into Stackbit, keeping consistency and efficiency at its max. And - you can set custom guardrails to your components so your team has the freedom to create while keeping your designs intact.

Guarded headless design system
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A quick glossary of important concepts and terms related to modern websites and apps.


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